Acadia Minor Basketball (AMB) is a community basketball club whose mission is to provide basketball players, coaches and parents in Wolfville and area with opportunities to learn, play, and develop regardless of age, gender or ability.  AMB aims to ensure that these opportunities are granted in a safe, fun and supportive manner while encouraging development in the sport of basketball.  AMB offers an organized environment for club members to enjoy physical activity, social development and competition, through the game of basketball.  Our executive consists of parents and coaches who are committed to the sport of basketball and its development in our community.


Our club vision is to promote the sport of basketball among youth in our community through:

Accessibity– To promote access to our programs through funding assistance programs; a non-discrimination policy and a welcoming environment

Skill development– To strive for the highest standards in skill and sportsmanship

Self esteem– To create a positive, fun-filled playing environment for all players, coaches, and parents

Infrastructure– To encourage the development of more and improved basketball infrastructure with our partner schools (Wolfville School and Gaspereau School)

Policy– To act as a liaison between basketball’s governing bodies and our constituents

Competition– To support provincial/national basketball programs by encouraging participation by players, coaches, and all volunteers

Leadership– To attract new coaches and to support coaching development


AMB has a very specific set of expectations for our stakeholders:

Players are expected to honour sportsmanship, fair play, rules of the game, team guidelines and respect facilities and equipment both home and away.

Coaches are expected to enthusiastically treat all players equally, exercise empathy, select age-appropriate activities and set players up for success.  Coaches will communicate effectively with players, parents and executive all matters that relate to those groups.

Parents and onlookers are expected to treat all stakeholders (players, coaches, executive, referees and visitors) with respect.  By registering their child with AMB, the parent/guardian

agrees to make every effort to have players at all games and practices on time and with appropriate equipment.

Executive members are expected to provide leadership for AMB by making decisions that reflect our Mission Statement and Vision.


The safety of players and coaches is paramount.  AMB encourages and promotes ethical and moral behavior, good sportsmanship, community involvement and good citizenship. Safety/discipline matters contraindicative to the above will be dealt with by the AMB Executive.  Players or coaches who face such issues may be asked to leave the club.


Many teams will be required travel to “away” games during the course of a basketball season.  Coaches and AMB are not responsible for team transportation.

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